CACH is a wonderful opportunity to make new life-long friends who have experienced something very similar to you! Being a Chinese adoptee can sometimes make you feel different to everyone else, but at CACH that is not the case and you get to meet others just like you. 

As you enter your teens there are other great opportunities. If you are a CACH member you also get the chance to:

  • Make contact with the many teens in CACH - you are more than welcome to join the "CACH TEEN" Facebook group (just drop us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Apply for a CACH>BACK grant to help fund a cultural education project (aged between 16 and 24 and a member of CACH)
  • become a ‘Young Adult Member’ for only £5 a year (for 18 to 24 year olds) Apply now!
  • mentor someone younger who you can share your experiences with and offer support to

CACH is for YOU! Please let us know what you would like us to organise e.g. events, website content etc.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

Shirley Kirby (Teen Rep.)

CACH offers all thisLook what CACH can offer!

Fancy going to China to study? Read this

CACH - FCCNY International Pen Pal Program (NEW Sept 2016)

For Ages 6 – 18+  (Year 2/1st Grade US). CACH, in partnership with Families of Children from China (NY), has launched an exciting new international Pen Pal program. Would you like to be a Pen Pal with a boy or girl your own age that has been adopted from China by a family that lives in the USA? We invite you to join the adventure!
Pen Pal Info    Pen Pal Application PDF    Pen Pal Application (Word)

Adoption & Identity - films recommended by members

See  Kelci's TEDx talk on her own story about identity

This is a British adoptee with a you tube channel My Adoption Story

Read Anna Fulcher's blog of her gap year in China 2015-16 

'When people hear my full name, they expect to meet an Irish boy. Instead they meet a Korean girl. Welcome to interracial adoptee life.' - Corey, 27 (MTV News) 

This is a really impressive video called "Adoption and Identity Interwined" made by an American high school student about being adopted/ identity issues etc. - Adoption Beat (Vimeo)

Teen Climbing - November 2016

Eleven girls from yer 7 and above, from five different regions, met up at a cross-regional event to tackle the climbing wall in St Albans, Herts. This was followed by a quick shopping trip to Tiger then dinner at Nandos. Thanks for the cross-regional funding and BBH Region, this just cost the girls £10 per head! 

Teen and Tween Initiative

CACH launched the Teen and Tween Initiative in 2014. The demographics of CACH are changing and our largest cohort of children are now our Tweens and Teens - We really want to ensure that they have the chance to establish links and friendships as they move into adulthood, as many of the older CACH teens and young people have over the years. To join in a Teen/Tween event you need to be in Year 7 or above.

Some CACH parents have volunteered to take up the new positions of CACH Teen and Tweens Co-ordinators - these are not Committee posts but they will be supported by and liaising with the Committee and particularly CACH Membership Secretary, Vicky Hornsby. Caroline Smales will support them by sharing ideas etc. So we are happy to introduce;
various! (Hertfordshire) - two events - karting and climbing
Andrew Quirke (Coventry)
Sarra Norcliffe-Murray and Ian Murray (Stockport)
Vacant (Battle, East Sussex)
The aim of the role is to create opportunities for the Teens and Tweens to get together, maybe once or twice a year outside the Reunion, the Picnic or any regional events.  

This video is about CACH Teens having the thrills of Karting in Aylesbury in October 2015.