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2020 Events - Save the dates!

CACH-All Reunion: March 6th-8th
CACH-All Festival: June 20th-21st

2020 Sussex summer school

22nd-25th July (Wednesday to Saturday)

Note: not a CACH-All run event, but lots of members attend!

🏮 Sunday 26 January 2020!

It was a great turnout and our biggest ever meetup - 31 adoptees and adoptive parents! I hope you all enjoyed the day, the different delicious dishes at Dumplings' Legend and activities at China Exchange if you were able to stay. 🥟 新年快乐!Happy Lunar New Year to you all! 🎊🌝🧧🐀

CACH-All x CCI UK Meetup #3 - November 2019

8 adoptees (+ 2 boyfriends) enjoyed Ice Skating at the picturesque Tower of London - some of us were dancing on ice, others (including myself) a bit more like Bambi… Then, we went to the local ‘Spoons to chat over drinks and later Sichuan food at My Old Place!
If you have any ideas for meetups and/or would like to help organise them in your local area, please send a message!

CCI & CACH-All Meetup - October 2019

See Adopted? for more photos & write-up. Here are the group photos!

Teen Weekend - September 27-29, 2019

Our FIRST Teen weekend run by adoptees for adoptees at Rock UK's Frontier Centre in Northamptonshire. We had a fantastic weekend at this sold-out event!  Details for Teen weekend


CACH-All Facebook

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New Committee 2019

We are glad to report the committee posts were filled at the AGM or soon after. Maya Hewitt is now our Secretary, and Malcolm Dixon is our Membership Secretary. A very warm welcome to you both!


CBBC’s My Life - Adopted From China

With courage and commitment, Mia Jordan, Millie Hunter and Nina and May Jackson volunteered to work with Flying Elephant Films in 2016/7 taking part in CBBC’s ‘My Life’ documentary series; this one specifically focusing on Chinese adoptees and called  ‘Adopted From China’. It aired in Oct 2018, corresponding with National Adoption Week.

Privacy Statement

CACH-All undertake to treat the information we hold about you with respect for your privacy. All information is held securely and can only be accessed by appropriate officers in accordance with what we have agreed to provide members as part of their membership. The information will never be used in a manner which is harmful to you:

  • What information do we hold? Adults in the family: name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number, occupation, any skills you may have and any involvement you may have in other adoption related organisations. Children in the family: Name, date of birth, and if adopted, date of adoption, country adopted from, orphanage name and area of the country where adopted from. Generally: stage of the adoption process that you are at, financial information needed to renew subscriptions annually by direct debit and your tax status if you have completed a gift aid form for us.
  • Who has collected this information? CACH-All is a charity which supports families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting inter racially or from overseas.
  • How is this information collected? By the completion and submission of a membership form by prospective members. This may be by electronic methods or by mail. It may be updated online at any time by the members themselves or by an officer at the member's request.
  • Why is this information collected? To allow CACH-All to hold the information that is needed in order to provide members with the benefits of membership as stated by the organisation.
  • How will this information be used? Information will be used in accordance with the stated aims of the organisation and the advertised terms of membership. Including: For the planning and advertising of activities and events provided for members, for the production of mailing labels for the distribution of the regular CACH-All Magazine and other occasional mailings, for the collection of the annual subscription by direct debit, for the reclaiming of gift aid from the Inland Revenue on payments made to the charity by UK tax payers and to contact members on subjects that are deemed of interest to them as a group (eg. to share a link to papers for the AGM, to allow members to vote on matters of the constitution of the organisation etc) or individually (eg. if a DD payment has failed or if they have asked for information from an officer).
  • Who will this information be shared with? We don’t share members’ information with any external agencies. We interact with member’s banks and with the Inland Revenue when collecting direct debit payments and reclaiming gift aid in accordance with permission given by members on completion of the relevant forms.