2020 Reunion

March 6th-8th, at the Mercure Daventry Court Hotel, Sedgemoor Way, Daventry NN11 0SG. BOOKING DETAILS BELOW!

2020 Reunion Programme

Are you 18 - 24 years old and attending the Reunion without your family? READ THIS!

If this is the first time attending the CACH-All Reunion independently (i.e. without family members / parents), we would love for you to join us! CACH-All is offering to support members wishing to attend the Reunion in March 2020 independently (without family) - CACH-All will pay the B&B rate for 1 night only.

You will need to book and pay for your room first, keep the receipt and claim directly with George, our treasurer ( within 1 month of the event (by 6 April 2020 at the latest). Please note: you will still need to pay your own travel expenses and the entertainment fee (£72 or £65 early bird discount).

To be eligible for this subsidy: you must be 18 - 24 years old; you must be a CACH-All member either through 'Family' or 'Young Adult' membership; you must be attending without parents or family members. This financial subsidy is for 1 night only and up to £91. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact Janet at

Ariel Bruce

Known as the “Long Lost Families” and “Who Do You Think You Are” secret weapon, Ariel Bruce will be with us to share some of her considerable experience. A strong believer that adoptees have a right to know their origins and roots, she draws upon her personal experiences in the social care system.

Assisting adoptees and other clients to find their missing relatives, Ariel Bruce is a renowned social worker who specialises in tracing people affected by adoption and emigration. She has not only undertaken cases in the UK, but also overseas in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

CACH-All Adoptee Talk: Ask an Adoptee

The Adoptee Talk is organised by adoptees for adoptees and adoptive parents. All are welcome (no age limit - please note: some topics might be more mature for younger adoptees, attendance with or without parents is at parents' discretion).

With CACH-All Committee members, Maya Hewitt (Secretary) and Hannah-Mei Grisley (Young Adult Representative), a panel of CACH-All young adult adoptees will be sharing their unique stories and life experiences.

We all have different and diverse stories to tell from the light-hearted - dealing with lactose intolerance and Asian flush, identifying with role models that look like us, and answering that pesky “where are you from?” question - to the more serious topics, such as our relationship with our birth country, how to discuss adoption with others, dating and relationships, and identifying as intercountry adoptees.

We hope to cover a broad range of topics and we will also welcome any questions you might have on the day. Alternatively, feel free to submit your questions anonymously at any time via Google Form

Li-Da Kruger (panel moderator) - Cambodian adoptee, producer and documentary-maker, who has a dual-heritage son through domestic adoption.

Maya Hewitt CACH-All Secretary, Chinese adoptee, currently studying MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies at SOAS London.

Hannah-Mei Grisley CACH-All Young Adult Representative, UK Lead for China’s Children International, and Chinese adoptee. Studied Mandarin at Birmingham University.

Ellie Hutson - Chinese adoptee, studied BA Chinese at SOAS and currently works as a Chinese-English translator.

Jasmine Smith - Chinese Adoptee, currently a Front-end Web Developer. Studied Media Production at Bournemouth University.

Fu-Lian Doble - Chinese adoptee, currently studying Chinese Studies with Theology at the University of Manchester. 

RAP Workshop (Yr7 and over)

The workshop begins by the artist demonstrating his skills to the participants and teaching them about how to construct a rap. It’s important to have an idea or thoughts to express to the listener when constructing a rap, so the artist will encourage some group discussion, offering a range of ideas relevant to the group, to start the process. These may include:
• What’s it like having parents whose ethnicity is different to your own?
• Have you ever had to deal with racism?
• Are you well represented by role models of your own ethnicity?
• What do you feel about Brexit? How does it/has it affect/ed you?
• What do you like to celebrate? How do you celebrate?
• How do you enjoy spending your time?
The young people will then, either in pairs, small groups or as individuals, begin to create their raps using ideas raised or arising out of the discussion.
The rapper will move around the groups, helping them to perfect the raps that they will then practise. These completed raps will be performed, amplified with a microphone and possibly beats, at the end.

Escape the Room Challenge

Bill and Wendy Shirra have devised two completely new Escape challenges for us this year.

Age 11 and under – after feedback last year, we have one challenge which has been designed specifically with the 11 and under age group in mind. Teams for this challenge should include at least 2 children age 11 or under, with the young ones being allowed to do as much of the investigation as possible! Max. number per team - 5

Age 12 and over – this will be a more challenging Escape game. You’ll need to get your thinking caps on and be ready to think outside the box to complete the challenge and escape the room in under 45 minutes! Max. number per team - 5

The challenges will run throughout the afternoon, so be sure to sign-up for the time slot you and your team would like.

There will be a prize for the fastest team of the day on each challenge!

Hiroko Clark – Japanese Ideas

Hiroko will be delivering two Sushi making workshops on Saturday. Here, she provides an introduction to herself and the workshops:
My name is Hiroko (promounced he-lo-ko). I came to England over 30 years ago and I have run Japanese cookery classes since 2007. It is my great pleasure to have a sushi session with you.
What is sushi by the way? It doesn’t mean raw fish.
At the workshop I will tell you what sushi is and demonstrate how to make 3 types of sushi:
1. Hosomaki (narrow rolled sushi with sea vegetable)
2. Nigiri (little sausage shaped sushi rice with topping)
3. Temari sushi (little ball shaped sushi rice covered with various ingredients)
You are making above for about 15 minutes. Then enjoy freshly made sushi made by yourself!
For those with food allergies and intolerances please be aware that the ingredients I’m going to use are: rice, vinegar, salt, sugar, sea vegetable, cucumber, pickled Japanese radish (mooli), raw salmon, hot dog sausages, egg, grilled pepper, cooked prawns, pea.

Theatrical make up

A workshop and talk for anyone interested in theatrical make-up, body painting and face art. Taking you through painting techniques, how to apply paint to the face and showing you how to create dramatic characters and basic wounds! Artistic make-up for the stage with artist Q&A talk.

Photo: Bertrand Orsal / Stage Image

Second-hand Clothes Stall

I would appreciate donations of a few very good quality clothing items, as well as shoes. I’m not looking for anything other than clothes for ages 11-25 and 40 – 65, and shoes of various sizes. Half the proceeds raised will go towards CACH-All while the other half will go towards ‘OneSky’, a charity that aids deprived children that are either orphaned, abused or homeless in east Asia by sending over trained carers and appropriate supplies to nurture them.
Thank you. Lia

Stop-Motion Workshop

Have you ever wanted to control the hero in a film? Ever wanted to be the director giving orders on your own movie set? Ever wanted to create a Lego movie or a Wallace and Grommit style adventure?
Well here's your chance to start on that path. Join us to learn the fundamentals of stop motion animation and create your own animation masterpieces. We'll be looking briefly at the history of animation and discovering the techniques involved with plenty of time to direct your own mini adventure. It's easy when you know how and this workshop will give you the starting (Lego) blocks.
If you already know some techniques and have created your own already-great bring them along to share and learn some new tricks. This will be a hands on, fun, practical workshop - Everything is awesome!

CALLING ALL MUSICIANS - Red Thread Concert Band

Calling all musician; young, old, young at heart, somewhere inbetweeners !
For the first time in almost a decade the CACH-All reunion is sending out a red thread to pull all it’s musicians together, to form the Red Thread Concert Band to perform during pre-dinner drinks on the dinner night (Saturday)and possibly do a Sunday morning performance too.
The two pieces we’ll be playing are Thank You For The Music (ABBA) and We Are the Champions (Queen).

”What do I do if I’m interested?”

1. Click on the link and download your appropriate music score from the attached list. Print off all that you might be able to play from ( 1st. 2nd etc)!BIHVyisNQ_VQhdRtoJtOJM7KkKr1vA?e=ukIilM
2. Practise them at home
3. Bring a music stand and your music (and lots of enthusiasm) to the two rehearsals which will be on Friday evening (time to be confirmed) and Saturday ready for the debut performance.
The aim of this band is to have fun, be included, meet new people, be part of making a beautiful sound ( hopefully!) and hopefully build the foundations for something that can grow year on year.
If we don’t make a beautiful sound... it doesn’t matter! It’ll be fun.
Everyone is welcome to join in..... I can even add you in to the percussion section if you don’t currently have the tools to play any of the parts but wish to be part of the fun.

Let’s CACH- all the notes! 😃👍🏼
Yvonne (Stewart)

Saturday night live music!

Phoenix O’Neill is a 25 year-old indie pop singer-songwriter based in Watford, North London. Her songs have caught the attention of BBC music introducing who have played Alien, Little Girl and I Got You. Phoenix O’Neill and her band play a mixture of originals and a range of well-known covers to get the crowd dancing and singing along!

Spotify: Phoenix ONeill

Jan Way - Storms outside the teacups - Parenting teenagers and young people adopted from overseas

Jan Way, adoptive parent and intercountry adoption social worker, will lead a session on the joys and challenges of parenting in the teenage and early adult years.
The session will cover:
• Why are the teenage years a challenge and what can parents do to support their teenagers.
• When will the storms end and how can we keep connected through the turbulence.
• Young adopted adults and identity – the key tasks and why they are important.
• What insight can research outcomes offer about the risks and challenges

Jan Way - Blended Families– raising birth and adopted children together

A session for parents, adoptees and birth children about the joys and challenges of blended families looking at what we know from experience and research.
This session will be hosted by Jan, Lili (her daughter through adoption) and Pippa (her biological daughter) Way – all members of a blended family.

Meet the Tomte!

Paula Fletcher – one of our CACH-All Mums, will be running a super “Tomte” making craft workshop at this year’s Reunion.
Come along and find out a little about the history of the Tomte and create your very own little fella who you can take home to guard your homestead!
The workshop will be open to all on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
More info -

Sublime Science!

A Dragons’ Den winner and recipient of the Queen’s Award will be putting on a show and running a great, fun workshop at our 2020 Reunion.
The Awesome Sublime Science Show & Workshop includes Bubbling Potions and Yummy Sweets combined with Spectacular Science Experiments & Gooey Slime Making to entertain and amaze both young & old.

Anyone will be able to come and watch the show and up to 30 people (priority to our Yr7 and unders) will be able to take part in the workshop experiments.

Reunion Booking

March 6th-8th, at the Mercure Daventry Court Hotel, Sedgemoor Way, Daventry NN11 0SG.

Hotel Booking

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Allergen Chart for Dinner Options

Event Booking

Please complete the form below and ensure you pay the £72* Reunion Fee (non-refundable) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thanks!

BACS Payment to:
Account Name: CACH-All
Sort code: 30-00-04
Account number: 01088549
Reference: ‘Reunion & [Your surname]’

*This fee is strictly per Member Family attending whether Resident or Saturday Day only. It is a non- refundable deposit towards the overall costs of the weekend and is not related to the accommodation costs. Book on-line before midnight on January 31st 2020 and pay a reduced fee of £65. Bookings after this date will be subject to the full fee.

2019 Reunion

March 8th - 10th, at the Mercure Daventry Court Hotel, Sedgemoor Way, Daventry NN11 0SG.
Reunion Programme 2019

Bushcraft: 🔥Firelighting; 🍡Toasted marshmallows; 🥖 Fire-baked damper bread; 🔪Knife skills.

Capture CACH-All 2019

The Talks

The Teen/Young Adult talks
At CACH-All Reunion 2019, Becky Parry hosted a panel of some of the girls adopted from China to talk about some of their personal experiences and insights to adoption and how it might have affected them or people around them. I listened to the panel and thought that it was inspiring to be able to hear from people the same age as me speak about similar experiences I have felt and that I am sure other people have too. It was enjoyable to have such an open atmosphere with questions for both the girls individually and as a group from members of the audiences, parents and friends. This sharing of thoughts and collaborating together was one of CACH-All’s best talks that I have attended at any of the reunions. Here are some of the participants responses.

Mia Gaule
Teen YA Transcript 2019

Jen Rolfe
Positive Psychologist The Un Happy Parent key slides    Jen Rolfe bio

Paul Charlton Thomson
CACH-All Talk on Internet Safety     Paul Charlton Thomson Bio

Claire Walker & Andrew Gaule
'Communicating over and in the Great Internet Wall'
PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL – not to be forwarded or shared without permission.
WeChat guide

Holly Tarquini
Holly speaks passionately on how our stories do not have to define us and the power of role models. See her TED talk on Youtube Tarquini bio

2018 Reunion

What a fabulous weekend! Huge thanks to Janet, Josie, Vicky, Sharon & Margaret plus all the volunteers who made it possible.

The following films are on Youtube but unlisted (for privacy). For members only, please do not share them:

The animation film made by children in workshops

'Capture CACH-All 2018'

Andy Gaule's film of the Reunion 2018