Who we are

CACH-All is a support group for families in (or originally from) the United Kingdom who have completed an intercountry adoption (or are in the process of doing so). We are stronger together.

We have children/young adults adopted from 17 countries: Belize, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, USA. Many of them are now adults!


CACH (Children adopted from China) was founded in 1995 by a small group of families who had adopted young children from China. Pre-empting the many challenges that both they and their children would face in the coming years, they built a network that would facilitate the support and information that they believed they would need.
In 2017 our members voted overwhelmingly to open membership to include all families who have been touched by intercountry adoption. This includes adult and teenage international adoptees, who can join CACH-All through our young adult membership. We are delighted that we have 6 teens/young adults on our committee helping to shape the future of CACH-All. If you have any questions, please drop a line to info@cach-all.org.uk

About Us

The membership is in the region of 500 families. We are widely regarded as the main support group for post-adoption of intercountry children in the UK.
Registered Charity no: 1135276.
All members receive our magazine about three times a year, which is packed with articles and specific topics relating to intercountry adoption. This usually includes a specific section for the children. If you would like to contribute, contact Caroline Smales. Members also have access to a members only Facebook group, which has then led to other regional groups forming as well as the CACH-ALL Mums and Lads groups respectively.
All members are invited to attend the annual festival (picnic/camping/B&B weekend), usually held in June. Full members can also attend the Reunion, a weekend event in a hotel in the midlands.
There are other ad-hoc events held around the country, see Events and News to see some of them. Please note that for some events, we can only our members to access information. Do log in and navigate to Members News and Events or join our active Facebook group.

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Meet our committee

Helen Rudolf


I'm serving as joint chair of CACH-All to ensure I give back something to the organisation which has given so much to our family. We adopted our daughter from Yulin in Guangxi province in 2009 and we have valued the support we have had from CACH as an organisation throughout. Having benefited from support from CACH-ALL as a family I am keen to give something back to the organisation. Outside CAch-all I am an HR professional working in the NHS and in my spare time enjoy cookery, theatre and supporting communal activities.


Deanna Benedict


I joined CACH-ALL as an associate member around 2005/6, while still waiting. It was good to meet current members, and I had a strong sense of how beneficial it was for those families, parents and children, to be part of this organisation and supportive community. I adopted my daughter, from Beiliu, Guangxi Province, in October 2009. Since then, membership of CACH as it was then, has been an integral part of our lives, with many benefits: reunions, summer school, camping, friendships, parents chatting to each other about various issues, and most importantly, our children's bonds with each other, and feeling comfortable around each other. Having experienced the many benefits of this community for years, and having recently taken early retirement, means that I'm privileged to be in the role of co-chair with Helen now, and I look forward to contributing to the CACH-ALL community.


Steve Lane



Clare Nukui

Incoming secretary


Malcolm Dixon

Membership Secretary

I'm Malcom Dixon and I am an adoptive parent.
My goals for CACH-ALL are to support CACH-All as it transitions from being family focused to being run for and by our young adults.


Kate Evans

Adoptee membership secretary

Hi, my name's Kate and I am the adoptee membership secretary. I was adopted from Tongling in 2001 and have been a part of CACH-ALL for my whole life. I have loved getting more involved over the last few years and can't wait to see where we go next!
My aim for CACH-ALL is to get more of the teens and young adults involved be it through the running of the organisation or university/local meetups of teens and young adults as we all move away from home.


Jennifer Huxtable

Events Coordinator

Hi, I’m Jen and I was adopted from Xinyu in 2000. I’ve recently joined the committee team as the newly appointed events coordinator. My aim is to continue to host in-person and virtual events for the membership to provide a community and opportunity for adoptees and their families to connect. I also hope to encourage more regional and local meet-ups to be organised by members with the support from the committee. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a local event and need any support or funding.


Clifton Weeks

Web Technician

Hi I’m Clifton Weeks, I am the web technician. I am a father of a daughter & son adopted from China
I have so many good memories of CACH-ALL- love the festival, but probably the memory that stands out the most is the first reunion we went to where we saw so many families like ours for the first time!
My goals are for the organisation to grow and be run by the adoptees!


Fu Lian Doble


Hi my name is Fu. I was adopted from Changning, Hunan province, and have been a part of CACH-ALL since I can remember! I would like to have CACH-ALL represent all adoptees and their families as their needs evolve, and so I hope that being the Webmaster will allow me to contribute to that process.


David Kirby


Hi I’m David the fundraising officer. I have been the CACH-ALL Fundraising Coordinator for over 3 years now and have been a member of CACH-ALL for over 15 years. Being an adoptee member of the committee has allowed me greater insight into how the charity is organised and run.


Immy Smith

Adoptee Representative

Hi my name is Immy. I was adopted from Guangdong Province, and I have been a part of CACH-ALL for only a couple of years - I joined around Covid time! I am an Adoptee Rep so it’s my job to make you adoptees feel represented and heard! Please contact me with any queries, whether it be about joining Adoptee-only social media channels or simply want someone to talk to.


Caroline Smales

CACH-ALL Magazine editor

I am Caroline Smales and my husband Nigel and I adopted our daughter from Guilin, Guangxi. We have been members of CACH/CACH-ALL, from the moment we adopted her and have loved being part of this wonderful community. Our daughter is now in her third year at Southampton University studying Biomedical Sciences. Although she is less involved with CACH-ALL at the moment, she is very appreciative of all it has given her and continues to give others. I’m especially loving the Mum’s weekends away as they are a wonderful way to relax and have fun, but also learn more about how to parent a young adult!
I have recently taken over as the CACH-ALL Magazine editor so please do send me ideas and articles you would like to see published.


Tony Morris

Festival Coordinator

I’m Tony and together with my wife Patricia and daughter Leilani we took over organising the CACH-ALL Summer Festival in 2022. I recently retired from a career in banking, and am pleased to be able to devote some of my spare time to organising CACH-ALL events. As a family we have always loved the Festival and Reunion, and it’s great to play our part in making sure these events continue to be such wonderful experiences for our families